Monday, 3 August 2015


Dear smile,
Why do you shy so?
Dear tears,
Can you never be easily repressed?
Does smiling through tears
Entertain beauty?
Does bravery through fears
Inculcate strength?
Do thoughts on an empty mind
Muster passion?
Do thankfully forgotten memories
Ever fade?
The soul burns, rips and douses,
A silence assembles its little noises,
The biased preacher and the naïve listener
Reject rationality, reject mankind.
It is a comfort to believe in
One truth,
It is a luxury when they
Believe the same.
And there you stand among
Multitudes and tides
Waiting for that one moment where you
Ought to shine…
It isn’t today, nor is it tomorrow,
Yesterdays are gone, lost to the shadow
Of time and space,
And all that is left is
A numb, biased, improvised fact,
And you.


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